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Roses In Winter Wax Melt (April '22 Unicorn & the Mythicals)

$4.50 Regular Price
$3.15Sale Price
  • Theme: Winter Myths/Mythicals

    Inspiration: Winter Rose Fairy

    Name: Roses In Winter

    Price: $4.50

    Size: 38g (1.3 oz)

    Cap: 15

    Description: Fresh floral scent will make you think you are in a flower shop with fresh cut roses. Added safe cosmetic flakes

    This wax melt will be available in the store April 30 - May 31, 2022 or until supplies last. Once the polish sells out, it will not be coming back. This is a limited edition exclusive wax melt created for the April Unicorn & The Mythicals bi-monthly collab. When you order this wax melt, you can use "SHIPPING2" for $2 off my flat rate shipping. Coupons cannot be combined.

    ◆ Great for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms or your office. Wax melts (tarts) are a great way to add fragrance without burning or soot. Ideal for places where burning a candle isn't feasible. Make sure to watch these around kids and pets! The melted wax is hot but cools very fast when away from heat source. Use them in only UL approved wax warmer and in a safe place out of reach of children.

    ◆Our wax melts are handmade with love in Scranton, PA and we hope you will enjoy them as much as I had fun making them. I made them to fill your home, office or wherever you use them with pleasant experience. They are made in small batches to ensure fresh, highly scented products.

    Note: Our wax tarts are made with soy or coconut wax and the fragrance is high quality. If you notice frosting on the surface of your wax melt, it is due to different pouring temperatures. It will in no way affect the quality and scent of your wax melts. You may also notice other imperfections such as: minor discoloration or color difference of the wax, etc. None of these will impact the quality of the wax melts either.


  • Coconut or Soy Wax, Fragrance, Liquid or Solid Dye, Mica, Cosmetics Glitter. May contain some or all of the previous ingredients.